Prof. James Fergus Nicol B.Sc.

Recent research activities

1993 -
Oxford Brookes University
Leader and co-ordinator of EU-funded SCATS project to develop smart controls for AC and NV buildings [with O Sykes, J Saady, K McCartney and M Humphreys and 8 partners in Sweden, France, Portugal and UK] (project budget 1.44 MEuro, EU funding 1.04MEuro)
October 2003
Awarded Professorship
June 2002
Awarded professorship

Other research-related activities

Experience of teaching and learning guidance

Executive secretary to an international group developing a European Master course in the Incorporation of Renewable Energies into Buildings (ALTENAR contact XVII/4.103/Z/98-415). Partners Universities of Athens, Barcelona, Florence, La Rochelle and Porto
Developing a web-based teaching package on comfort and low energy building design (CLEAR) for Europe and India with University of Athens, School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi) and TVB School of Habitat Studies (Delhi) based on Mulcom and DayMedia part-funded by EC AsiaIT programme
TAREB project Developing multi-media teaching aids for the European Masters Course (see above) and running academies on the use of solar energy (project scientific coordiinator.

Examining at post-graduate level

September, 2000
PhD, Cambridge University School of Architecture [M. Guedes]
December, 2001
MSc, Cambridge University School of Architecture [F Zhu]
May 2003
PhD, University of Strathclyde School of Architecture [S. Howieson]
2002 - , University of East London
External Examiner to MSc course on Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies.

PhD supervision

London Metropolitan University:
Director of studies, J Rudge, Supervisor, El-Khier Belayat
Oxford Brookes University:
Supervisor: Kate McCartney, Rajat Gupta
University of East London:
Director of Studies to completion: Jane Matthews awarded PhD, Comfort in the Desert: an analysis of the indoor climate in the Havelis of Jaiselmer December 2000