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CLEAR is a multimedia teaching package for daylighting and the achievement of comfort through energy efficient design in architecture. It is part funded by the European Commission under contract no.ASI/KLB7-301/97/0126-44. More information is available on the Asia ITC program on the European Commission web site.

In the context of the threat of global warming we face the urgent need to reduce the energy consumption of our buildings. The European Commission has been promoting the use of renewable and alternative energies with research, demonstartion and dissemination grants.

CLEAR was developed as a flexible teaching tool for university students and professionals. It tries to meet the needs of European and South Asia with regard to the use of daylighting techniques and comfort in buildings. It also aims to transfer and disseminate the expertise in developed in EC research programmes on energy . CLEAR tries to help architects and building engineers re-discover the skills of making sustainable buildings.

CLEAR is not a reference book on a screen and therefore does not pretend to be fully comprehensive. It uses both interactive and non-interactive images to demonstrate the principles. We hope that many uses of this package will be encouraged to produce their own interactive demonstrations of the principles and applications of daylighting and the achiement of comfort with minimal CO2. We would encourage those of you who make such developments to send us copy and we will maintain a web site for everyone to download these devlopments. Certainly in the field of applications there is considrable room for development.Please email your contributions to the maintainer. See under 'Contributions' for details.

CLEAR includes a re-write of MulCom and DayMedia.