Padamanabhapuram Palace, Trivandrum, Warm and Humid

Mean Monthly Temp. (°C) Mean Monthly R.H. (%) Mean Monthly Precipitation No. of clear days in a month Places
Warm & humid >30 >5 Trivandrum, Coastal Areas/ North East.

High humidity, strong sun, glare from the sky and horizon characterize this climate. There are long monsoon periods with heavy rain. But the breezes, especially in coastal areas, can alleviate discomfort considerably.

The Padmanabhapuram Palace in Trivandrum, responds to the climate with steep sloping high tiled roofs, with deep eaves. The sides are open to the breeze, and air ventilates up through the porous tile roofs, ensuring that the indoor temperature does not build up.

Using open slatted or perforated timber screens on sides of verandahs cuts out glare, ensures privacy but allows the breeze flow across the rooms. Walls are white to reflect the sun, and often completely shaded by the verandahs.

For a cluster of buildings, an openness of planning, to allow the natural breeze to flow through them is of paramount importance.