Sun path calculator

Latitude2 ° North South    Solar time : hrs
Longitude2 ° East West Sun rise5 : hrs
Time zone Sun set5 : hrs
Date / Sun altitude ° above the horizon
Local time : hrs Summer time Sun azimuth ° East of South

azimuth Notes:

  1. No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of these calculations.
  2. The longitude and latitude of a large number of world cities can be found on
  3. All formulae are taken from the RADIANCE visualisation package with kind permission from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  4. There is a very nice web-based shareware program called Sun Angle Calculator which does everything this calculator does and a lot more.
  5. Times of sun rise and sun set do not take account of atmospheric refraction and relative elevation. Times shown are simply when the sun's altitude is 0°. In reality, the sun is only hidden when it is about 0.84° below the geometric horizon. This is due to the atmospheric refraction and the apparent radius of the sun which is 0.27°.

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