What is EULEB?

The Project "EULEB - European high quality Low Energy Buildings" provides information on existing public non-residential high quality and low energy buildings from all over Europe.

Thus, the EULEB CD and website contain data, images, video clips, diagrams etc. of 25 European buildings in use. Besides general descriptions of the buildings, special features of the buildings are described in more detail. The overall energy consumption of the buildings is presented on the basis of monitored values. All information is available in five languages.

The buildings can be selected either according to the location, the building type, the applied special features or a visual impression of the architecture.

The EULEB project was realised within  two years (2005-2006) and has been partially funded by the "Intelligent Energy Europe" programme of the European Commission.

Project partners:

University of Dortmund, Germany,
Chair for Environmental Architecture
(Project coordinator)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut F.O. Müller
    Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Schlenger (Management)

        Dr.-Ing. MA Heide Schuster
        Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Klein
        Andreas Preißler
        Anneke Bintig
        Dana Augsten
        Heike Theilenberg

London Metropolitan University LEARN
    Prof. Michael Wilson
    Dott.Arch. Livio Venturi
    John Solomon

Universita degli Studi di Firenze ABITA
    Prof. Marco Sala
    Dott. Arch.Lucia Ceccherini Nelli

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya AiE
    Prof. Helena Coch
    Arch. Eulalia Cunill
    Arch. Oriol Paris

Université de La Rochelle LEPTAP
    Prof. Francis Allard
    Cristian Ghiaus
    Agota Szucs

REHVA - Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations
    Prof. Olli Sepännen

Legal disclaimer

The sole responsibility for the content of this CD/webpage lies with the authors. It does not represent the opinion of the European Communities. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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