Location & climate

The map shows the buildings´ locations and their climatic conditions according to the classification system of KOEPPEN.

This system uses letter codes to identify the major climate zones: (A) tropical forest, (B) dry forest, (C) warm temperate rainy, (D) cold forest, and (E) polar regions. Further subdivision according to the temperature, rainfall, and seasonal variations is described through sub-codes:

  • BSk: Mid-latitude steppe. Semiarid, cool or cold.
  • Csa: Interior Mediterranean. Mild winter and dry hot summer.
  • Csb: Coastal Mediterranean. Mild winter and dry, short, warm summer.
  • Cfa: Humid subtropical. Mild winter and moist in all seasons.
  • Cfb: Marine. Mild winter and moist all seasons. Warm summer.
  • Cfc: Marine. Mild winter and moist all seasons. Short cool summer.
  • Dfb: Humid continental. Severe winter, moist all seasons with a short warm summer.
  • Dfc: Subarctic. Severe winter, moist all seasons with a short, cool summer.
  • ET: Tundra. Very short summer.

Another climate classification according to energy consumption of buildings (ASHRAE) is described in the glossary.

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