On-line Resources

The on-line resources available through this page were produced by the former Low Energy Architecture Research uNit, LEARN. The development of all packages was part-funded by the EU and was in collaboration with various European academic and commercial partners.

Development has ceased, and the packages are any longer actively maintained.

EULEB (2006)
EULEB- European high quality Low Energy Buildings" provides information on existing public non-residential high quality and low energy buildings from all over Europe.
TAREB (2002)
Contains teaching materials which complement the Core Modules and selected Specialist Modules of European Masters course: Integrating Renewable Energies in Buildings.
RESET (2002)
A book on Renewable Energy Souces (RES) in settlements planned to be constructed in Europe, the integration of the results and conclusions into a set of design guidelines for managers and designers of settlements, urban sites and utilities.
Spread CD-Res (2002)
Spread CD-Res tries to disseminate knowledge of best innovative practice derived from 15 housing demonstration sites across Europe. All projects were demonstration projects under the EC SUNH and SHINE programmes. 60 000 CD-ROMs of Spread CD-Res were sent out to all housing associations in western Europe in 2003.
CLEAR (2002)
CLEAR integrates DayMedia and MulCom and develops them further. As well as improving the site layout and navigation, CLEAR extends the reach of the packages by including the climatic conditions of Asia.
SynthLight (2002)
SynthLight is about the creation of a European Educational Infrastructure on the energy efficient lighting technologies, assisted by 3D synthetic environment.
INTEND (2007)
ECO ARCHITECTURE(www.ecoarchwiki.net) is a collaborative web knowledge-base presenting best practice of European sustainable architecture - with a specific focus on integrated energy design.