Smart Controls And Thermal Comfort


The objective of this three-year project was to reduce the energy consumption in air conditioned buildings and to encourage the use of naturally ventilated buildings. In order to achieve this, a wide range of thermal comfort surveys throughout Europe where carried out, to enable development of adaptive algorithms to be used in the control systems.

Until now, the state-of-the-art in carrying out Thermal Comfort Surveys has been to go around with a box of instruments and a questionnaire. The surveyer would enter the subjects answers to the subjective survey onto a printed chart. Later on, the enviromental data and subjective data would be correlated by typed data entery into a spreadsheet to enable statistical analyses of the data set.

The system that has been developed in this project will not only automatically carry out all enviromental measurements. But will form a single data base of both, environmental and subjective data. There is a minimal amount of statistical analyses due to time limitations which could be increased some time in the future.


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