Setting up the system

  1. The sensors are attached to the back board using velcro pads.
    The laptop is put into its place.
  2. The DAQ interface cable is connected to the breakout box using the gender changer.
    Whenever possible, do not disconnect the ribbon cable from the DAQ card. Be extremely careful when plugging in the ribbon cable. Make sure the orientation is right. Do not force it. Always use the strain relief kit. Make sure the ribbon cable is plugged in properly and held in place by the strain relief kit.
  3. The instruments are connected to the cables that come out of the breakout box as marked.
  4. The SLM is calibrated and attached to the serial port of the laptop.
    The power lead of the SLM is attached to the small connector on the Power/GT box.
    Make sure there are no batteries in the SLM!
    Switch off the lcd-backlight to save engergy!
  5. The battery is connected (See note).
  6. The sensors are placed in a suitable configuration.
    The plastic cover is removed from the anemometer.
  7. The laptop and the GTB unit should be switched on and left to stabilise for 15 minutes.
  8. Finally, the LEARN program is run.
The battery is required to deliver 12V at approx. 1.5A. It should be fused appropriately.