Calibrating the Sound Level Meter

Follow these steps in order to calibrate your SLM:-

  1. Fit the calibrator onto the SLM microphone.
  2. Turn on the SLM. Hold it upright.
  3. Activate the push-botton on the calibrator once.
    A red and a green light should come on*.
  4. Wait until the red light goes off.
    The stabilization time is now over.
  5. Select Cal from the main menu on the display of the SLM and hit the Val. button.
    Hit -> to tab to the Cal=xxx.xdBA line.
    The SLM is now automatically calibrating itself.
  6. After a few seconds, the line should read Cal=094.0dBA
    Calibration is now completed.
    Hit the Esc. button on the SLM.
  7. After about 1.5min, the green light on the calibrator goes off.
    Remove the calibrator from the microphone of the SLM.
  8. The instrument is ready for use.

* In case only the red light is showing and keeps blinking, the battery has to be replaced. It can be accessed by unscrewing the cap at the top end of the device.