The instrumentation trolley

The attached pictures show the Level 1 survey instrumentation trolley in its current state of development. Sensors are as follows, clockwise from the laptop: globe temperature/sensor power switch/battery level leds, anemometer, carbon dioxide sensor, humidity/air temperature. The light meter is on a flying lead to be placed on the subject's desk. The body of the sound level meter is in the pouch under the mounting board (which also has space for papers) and the microphone is placed on a small tripod on the subject's desk. Power to be supplied by a battery pack to be stored on the bottom shelf of the trolley.

All sensors are demountable and can be stored in a case. The trolley folds up to a small size and can have the mounting board clipped to it.

Photocell & microphone

Photocell and microphone sitting on the desk


The trolley


The backboard with the instruments

Thermal image

A thermal image of the instruments