Solar Urban New Housing

This SUNH Project focused on New housing in Europe including 10 sites involving 8 contries (FR-UK-NL-DK-NOR-FIN-ES-PO).

The aim was to realize 10 demonstration projects all generating:

By this project being in urban areas, from North to South, encouraging and developing this type of construction, this means that just within EHEN members there are over 700 000 dwellings concerned. To develop the use of friendly low embodied energy materials using the knowledge of the most advanced experts around Europe today.

Innovative Technologies (Energy and Environment):

Each project site, beside giving answer to the 5 points of this target quality project:

  1. Optimised envolope
  2. Adopted energy management
  3. Optimised equipments
  4. Renewable energy integration
  5. Upgrading houseing standards - Control of costs: in housing sector, it's an obligation!

has developed at least one real innovative solution like:

Expected Results (Energy and Enviroment):