Developing a methodology to evaluate the outcome of investment in affordable warmth


A report to the Eaga Charitable Trust by Janet Rudge, April 2001

ISBN 1 901616 05 3

This report describes research which has been carried out in LEARN and was supported by a grant from the Eaga Charitable Trust. It was designed as a pilot study to develop a way of evaluating the cost benefits, particularly in terms of health improvements, resulting from investment in domestic affordable warmth.

The research involved using GIS to show correlations between mapped data relating to fuel poverty risk and hospital admissions in the London Borough of Newham. The objective is a monitoring tool for use by local and health authorities in jointly tackling inequalities in housing and health.

Copies of the report can be obtained, price £10, from:
Dr Naomi Brown,
Eaga Charitable Trust,
23 Macadam Gardens,
Penrit h,
CA11 9HS;
tel & fax: 01768 210220;
e-mail: <eagact at cs at com>

Contact Janet Rudge <j dot rudge at unl dot ac dot uk> for further details on this area of research at LEARN.