Program Description

Initialisation - time and date

After launching the program the user interface displays status conditions and an exit button. This is followed by a screen displaying the system time and date. If the incorrect button is selected the user gets the opertuntity to correct the system time and date by use of the Windows Control Panel Time/Date. If the checked button is selected the panel is replaced by:

Setting up for data gathering - naming the day file

The output data file "day file" is named after the calander date if a file of this name already exists all further infomation is apended and the "Operator" input panel is omitted. If not a new day file is created. A further input panel for "Location" labeling and a button to check the instrument follows. .

Instrument Integrity checking and data gathering

If selected the user is given the opportunity to verify that the instruments are responding by:

observing a panel of dials and gauges and a subsiquent panel displaying the sound level meter's outputs.

Acquisition begins after the location field has been entered and the check button selected or at the completion of integrity checking. Sound and DAQ are sampled simutaniously and is continuous with 30 minute writes to file until the stop button is pressed.

Sampling Frequency

Sound 500ms LEQ A LEQ Lin
DAQ 12.5msec on all channels
Verification panel 12.5msec on all channels

Program flow chart


C:\Virtual Instruments EPSRC*.exe Main vitual instrument exicutable
serpdrv Serial port driver
C:\Virtual Instruments\Day Files *.txt Output data file
C:\Program Files\pDaqView Pdaqview.exe DAQ Test panel program
learn.cfg DAQ config file
pdaqchk.exe Checks DAQ
Usercal.exe User calabration program
usbready.exe Checks OS for usb support
usview.exe usb device viewer