Portfolio 1999-2001

EAGA (2001)
Developing a methodology to evaluate the outcome of investment in affordable warmth
UrbVent (2001)
Natural ventilation in urban areas
Lambeth Central Heating (2001)
Assessing the effects of the Lambeth Health and Housing Initiative

Museums (2000)
Energy efficiency and sustainability in retrofitted and new museum buildings
Sunrise (2000)
Demonstration project on energy efficient housing
Cutting the Cost of Cold (2000)
Book on fuel poverty and health
EPSRC Environmental Monitoring Recorder (2000)
Monitoring device for use in mental homes
Universal Fibre Optics, UFO (2000)
Transporting sunlight into the building

Self-opening Shadings, SOS (1999)
Autonomous window systems
European Masters (1999)
The programme which laid the foundations of our European MSc course
Energy Efficient Museums (1999)
A SAVE programme
SunSpaces (1999)
Examining the performance and use of sunspaces
Energy Efficiency in University Buildings
Examining the potential retrofitting techniques for improving energy efficiency in university buildings (1999)