Lambeth Central Heating Project

LEARN is cooperating with King's College London in a project to assess the effects of the Lambeth Health and Housing Initiative 2000.

£1m has been earmarked within the Housing Capital Programme, to support a joint initiative between Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority and the London Borough of Lambeth (LBL) Housing Services to fund a capital programme to improve the health of local people.

It has been agreed that this will be used to provide central heating to the homes of approximately 400 council tenants aged 75 years or over. The installation is overseen by Creative Environmental Networks (CEN) on behalf of the LBL. In addition many of the dwellings will be eligible for HEES energy improvement grants.

LEARN is cooperating with the two-year Lambeth Central Heating Project which will assess the outcomes of the Initiative in terms of changes in the comfort and health of the tenants.

LEARN's initial responsibility will be to install and download 1,000 or more i-Button temperature dataloggers, in at least 200 of the dwellings. In many cases, the dataloggers will be installed before the central heating, thus giving a sense of the before-and-after change in indoor temperatures. The result will be a unique longitudinal record of temperatures in occupied buildings.

At the same time, researchers from King's College will administer questionnaires highlighting the health and comfort of the tenants. From this database researchers hope to assess the likelihood of low temperatures and estimate the impact of improved heating and energy efficiency.

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