Energy efficiency and sustainability in retrofitted and new museum buildings

The design and construction of nine museum building-projects in Europe where evaluated. New and innovative technologies are to be applied and tested demonstrating that energy efficient and sustainable museum buildings can fully meet architectural, functional, comfort, control and safety requirements, achieve total energy savings of over 35%, and reduce CO2 emissions by over 50%. This will contribute to the preservation of European cultural heritage and to the acceptance of innovative and renewable technologies in public buildings.

The museums are:

Specific studies are to be carried out in the following areas:

LEARN was responsible for the daylighting and acoustic horizontal activities giving particular advice to the museums in Lisbon, Kristenehamn and Florence

For further information contact the project co-ordinator:

Meletitiki A.N.Tombazis and Associates Architects Ltd
Monemvasias Street 27
GR-15125 Polydroso
Athens, Greece
Tel: +30.1-680 0690
Fax: +30.1-680 1005
Email: <meletitiki at mail dot hol dot gr>

This was an ENERGIE project, funded under the European Unionā€™s Fifth Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration. Contract No. NNE5/1999/20, contract duration 2000-2004

the project web site was located at: Available from June 2001

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Retrofitted and New Museum Buildings Handbook PDF

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