The Construction of the Test Cell

Test Cell

Due to environmental concerns it was decided to construct the test cell of timber. OSB Sterling board was chosen for speed of construction, cheapness and its production from sustainable forests in Scotland.

A modular design was chosen to allow for the possibility of relocation and reuse. The basis of which is 6 panels 2440x1220x86.5 (sides and ceiling), 2 panels 2440x610x186.5 (front elevation) and 2 panels 2440x1220x193 (floor) bolted together to form a rigid structural cube. Roof window and door elements are fitted in later phase.

Material list

        2       18x2440x1220    Sterling standard OSB
        8       11.5x2440x1220  Sterling standard OSB
        13      175x50x2400        Carcassing Softwood
        21      75x50x2400         Carcassing Softwood
        5       75x50x2700         Carcassing Softwood

Construction took place during the summer vacation (July and August 1999) in Maidstone, Kent away from the poor air quality of the Holloway Road. It also gave us a chance to have a barbeque and a few beers and Mike to have a rest in a deck chair. The completed cell was then transported to London ready for installation.

Section Front Side
Section Front Elevation Side Elevation