Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings

This is for an EPSRC-Funded Network of researchers, consultancies, designers and manufacturers concerned with building-related energy issues and the requirements for human thermal comfort. The aim of the network is to define and promote the research effort needed to understand and enhance the thermal comfort of building occupants whilst also minimising the energy use of buildings, in particular those without year-round mechanical heating and cooling.

Outputs from the network will include research to underpin new norms and standards for indoor climate and design guidance for building controls. The network will also be a centre for information in this field of research and advice on the implications of the work for the training of building professionals. The network holds regular meetings and plans an International Conference on the topic in 2006.

If you are intersted in more information about the Network or in becoming involved in the Network please contact the administrator, Dr Janet Rudge or Professor Fergus Nicol

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