Passive Systems Strategy

passive system image
Broad Strategy- heat source, heat sink, heat transfer
  1. Understand the Climate and the Climatic zone.
  2. Identify the Comfort Zone.
  3. Identify heat source or the heat sink.
  4. Optimize the microclimatic conditions.
  5. Define the required characteristics of the building configuration and building fabric.
  6. Q. How does one optimize these characteristics to move as close as possible to the comfort condition ?
  7. Or what considerations should determine the climate modifying strategy that buildings should adopt ? . A. Like any other good practice in engineering the strategy should be environmentally and economically sustainable. It should be a Low Energy solution.
  8. If the desired comfort condition is not achieved, then other means to extract the heat or adding it have to be considered. This would involve judicious consumption of energy sources by way of active systems
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